My hair regime!

So this is my long awaited post of my hair regime. I’m sorry its take me life to get this post out. Lots of things have been going on in my life recently that have prevented me from posting as often as I would like but I will definite keep posting as often as I can.

Right, my hair regime is pretty simple and even the newest of naturals can implement this into their everyday life.

Oddly enough my hair care starts on a Thursday, but you can start any day of the week and keep it consistant from there.

I mainly co-wash (wash with just conditioner) my hair once a week, every 3 weeks. I shampoo and deep condition my hair every 4 weeks.

Before I do any wash I always pre-treat my hair with coconut oil. This prepares my hair by adding more oils so that my hair doesn’t get striped of the precious oils it already has, after the wash.

During my co-wash I will detangle my hair. I do this in sections to make it more managable as I have quite thick hair. I used to detangle from the root down, as this was what I have always know to be right. However as I’ve gone through my journey I have learnt that the correct way to detangle is the complete opposite. I now detangle from the ends upwards, using a wide tooth comb (sometimes a denman brush. Although my thick hair recently broke mine :s). During this stage you can really see the definition of your curls. Its a really pretty sight. They way I pull on my mine and watch them just spring back! Uber sexy!!!

Once I’ve washed my hair I prepare it for moisturization. I blot dry my hair (its still pretty damp, but not dripping completely).

I then part it into 4 managable sections using crocodile clips. I apply my leave in condition by Mmm…Hair (for my current products click here), follow by my “I Love Afro” Shea Moisture Lotion. I comb this through my hair for even distribution. i then apply my “Pretty Curls” Coconut Souffle to seal my hair. I clip the section back and repeat on the remaining section.

once ive done this i try my hardest to come up with a protective style that is creative but will also last. this rarely happens so i tend to get frustrated and go back to what i know.

If you have any creative styles that are simple to recreate please send me links

Stay Blessed



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