Winter is Coming! Or should I say already here *raised eyebrow*

With this hormonal weather we have been experiencing lately, I thought it would be wise to put up a post on protective styling.

To the ladies who are considering or have recently become natural, protective styling is where we style the hair so that the ends are tucked away and protected from the elements. As the ends are the weakest (they are the oldest) part of the hair they are very prone to damage.

These styles can be cornrows, flat twists, two strand twists, braids and bantu knots (aka chiney bumps). The beauty of these styles is after you take them out they form another completely different style. 

I call them the ‘Outs’. Braid outs, twists outs and knot outs. again you can style your now curly into an array of styles. Check out Jill Scott’s twist out!

Protective styling is a why natural hair is so versatile! there are endless possibilities. from the most simple of styles to the most intricate, there is a style for everyone.

Now if you are like me and you cant braid (I cant cornrow for love nor money) you may feel daunted by all the videos and images you search up on google and YouTube. But don’t fear because practice makes perfect. I have self taught myself to flat twist (two strand cornrows) and now having a great time experimenting with my hair.

Check out the videos below for some simple protective styles to get you started. I will post photos of some of my experiments in the coming weeks.

Stay Blessed



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