Me and relaxer – reunited!

So yesterday was the first time I’ve touched relaxer in about 2 years. And no it wasn’t touching my beautiful mane of curls!!!

Don’t worry! Panic over!!

Instead it was going into my sister’s hair as she had regrowth and was getting a weave put in.

My experience of relaxer in the past was blind. I didn’t know what I was putting in my hair except to know that it would straighten and manage my hair. However since becoming natural and learning about the crippling damage that this creme and its components do to not just the hair but the scalp, I felt nothing but anguish with every dip of the brush going onto my sister’s head.

The texture and the smell made me feel some what ill.

I started from the back and my sister told me not to because she had soft spots there (later she was annoyed at me because the back had over processed and it is starting to scab).

For me this is a sign I wish she could see that this process has negative effects on her hair and scalp.

So I finished her hair and went to wash my hands (I know, I’m supposed to use gloves). Trying to get this stuff off my hands was a nightmare. Not even Fairy washing up liquid coz do the job in one go. As I was drying my hands I noticed I had a odd tingling sensation. Something I hadn’t felt before. I’m guessing my hands didn’t agree. And rightly so. If my hands don’t agree why should my sensitive scalp?

Over the years we really didn’t know what damage these chemicals were doing to us. For me it is a shame that with all the new found knowledge about these products and those associated with it, most women still choose to relax their hair. I guess its still the conditioning of years gone by that still have a strong hold on women of our culture.

I am not against relaxers (I will still admire and complement women with well maintained and beautiful hair, regardless of which form it is in) but with the information out there I want to urge women to be more vigilant, do their research and think what is best for their health and well being, rather than measuring up to the aesthetic ideals of modern society.

Stay Blessed



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